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Aussie Slang Cheat Sheet for Filipinos: How to Speak Like a True Blue Aussie

G’day, mate! 

Are you feeling a bit lost in translation when chatting with your Aussie friends? 

Do they always seem to be throwing around words that make no sense to you? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with this cheat sheet to help you speak like a true blue Aussie.


  1. Mate: This is a term of endearment and is similar to calling someone “kabayan”, “pare”, or even “beshie”. But be careful, don’t confuse it with “date” or you might be in for an awkward situation!

  2. Arvo: Short for “afternoon”, this one is easy to remember because it rhymes with “car show”. So if someone says, “See you this arvo!”, just think of a car show in the afternoon.

  3. No worries: This is a common response to “thank you” and means “you’re welcome”. It’s like saying “walang anuman” or “okay lang”, but with a more laid-back vibe.

  4. Fair dinkum: This means “genuine” or “authentic” and is like saying “totoo ba yan?” or “legit?”. But let’s be honest, it’s more fun to say “fair dinkum” than “legit”, right?

  5. Bogan: This is a slang term used to describe someone who is uncultured or unsophisticated. It’s like saying “baduy”, “jologs”, or “sosyal”.

  6. Chuck a sickie: This means to call in sick to work even though you’re not actually sick. It’s like saying “magpakitang gilas” or “umarte ng may sakit”, but with a little bit of cheekiness.

  7. She’ll be right: This means everything will be okay. It’s like saying “okay lang yan” or “walang problema”, but with a more optimistic outlook.

  8. Brekkie: This is short for breakfast, but it’s more fun to say “brekkie” than “almusal”. It’s like the breakfast version of “snack attack”.

  9. Snag: This is a slang term for a sausage, especially one that is cooked on the barbecue. It’s like saying “longganisa”, but with a bit of a “barbie” vibe.

  10. Chockers: This means “full”, as in “I ate so much, I’m chockers”. It’s like saying “busog na busog” or “siksik sa laman”.

So there you have it – a cheat sheet to help you speak like a true blue Aussie. By using these common Aussie slang terms, you’ll be able to communicate with locals and immerse yourself in the Australian culture. And who knows, you might even make them laugh with your newfound slang skills!



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