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We are determined to help individuals and families from all around the world with a “whatever your case, whatever your race” policy. We do this by connecting you with the right Migration agent, as Migration is not a "one size fits all". So if you are wanting to Migrate to Australia, fill in the free assessment form and let us connect you today!

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Becoming Aussie Has Never Been Easier.

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What Is Your Dream?

We specialise in finding you the right Migration Agent for your dream, whether it be to travel, work, study or invest in Australia.

Study In Australia
Australia boasts WORLD CLASS learning experiences catered for by universities, practical vocational colleges and English language schools.
Work In Australia
Australia faces a shortage of workers in some industries – the perfect time to make an application for long term skills work is NOW!
Invest In Australia
If you’re an overseas business owner or looking to establish or develop a business in Australia, Be Aussie is here to help you set up shop.

So How Does It Work?

You first need to be assessed and then our friendly Australian Migration agents will help you achieve your best outcome possible.

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We get hundreds of questions everyday and with the right information and assistance from Gen1 Migration, you can make your dream of moving to Australia a reality.

On a student visa you are allowed to stay for the duration of your course, as specified in your initial visa application. You will also be allowed to stay for a short time following the completion of your studies however this can be up to 60 days to depending on the month you have completed your course.

You can’t apply for a student visa until you’re accepted on to a course in that country. So, if you haven’t already done so you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study. Not only that, but you must ensure the course meets the country’s visa requirements. Your student visa acceptance will be determined by a number of factors:

• Your country of citizenship

• Your chosen destination country

• The course you wish to study

• The institution you wish to study at

• How you plan to fund your study

Different countries have differing visa systems and acceptance procedures. However, they are usually very similar:

• To study in the UK you need to have received an offer for a place on a course. You need to prove that you can understand English, including reading, writing and speaking.

• To study in the US you need to prove that you have a permanent residence in your country of citizenship. You need to have the funds to support your study and intend to return home once your study is complete.

• To study in Australia you also need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support your course fees and living costs. You will also be assessed based on the subject you have chosen and your country of citizenship.

• To study in Europe you do not require a visa if your country of citizenship is an EU member. If you are outside of the EU you should check your chosen destination’s visa requirements for more specific details. Wherever you chose to study we advise that you apply for your visa as soon as possible.

This is one of the most common questions and is an important factor in your visa application process. It is necessary for you to prove that you have enough funds for your course fees and living costs. However, the money required can vary depending on country and region within that country. Some countries require you to prove that you have funds for the entirety of your course. While others only require proof of funds for the 1st year.

For an Australian student visa: (if Show money is required)

• Return air fare

• Course fees

• AUD 21,041 per year living costs; AUD$7,362 for partner/spouse; AUD$3,152 for each child